Saturday, November 25, 2017

Welcome Back

Hi Everyone, Im coming back to Tex Mex Off the Menu to start posting recipes and requerdos [rememebrences] of Grandma Della's terrific I remember it. We just had Thanksgiving and I made Grandma Della's famous Tex Mex Cornbread stuffing. Recipe to follow. Well it's good to be back and ready to share. Jon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Facebook Cheese Enchiladas

Easy No Bake Cheesy Enchiladas. If you have the cravings for some good cheesy enchiladas but dont want to turn the oven on, microwave small batches instead. that's what resturants do...

this recipe makes abouts 6 enchiladas- 2 orders
what you need
3 tbl corn oil
3 tlb wheat flour
2 tbl chilli powder (3tbl paprika and 1 tbl red chili flake if you dont have chili powder)
2 tbl diced onion
3 corn tortillas- per order
1 tbl salt
1 tbl pepper
1 tbl cumin powder
1 tbl garlic powder
2 cups shreaded longhorn(colby cheese)
1 qt water

Enchilada gravy...
In a large skilet add oil and heat at medium, wisk in flour, a little at a time to make a loose roux. cook flour for about 3-5 minuites then add spices and continue to stir as not to let mix burn. The gravey mix should still be loose before adding the liquid, if it isnt add a tsp more of oil to loosen.

Add liquid in samll batches, aout 1/4 cup initially, then wisk in and add untill the gravy is well blended and slighty more the gravy cooks it will thicken. and as gravy cools it will aslo thicken, so in skillet it should be slighty more watery.

allow gravy to cool slightly so it can be handled, but not cold. Use a microwavable plate. At the skilet, place a corn tortilla in the gravy, use a spatula to submerge the tortilla totally in the gray, allow the tortilla to absorb the grave=y and warm slightly.

spoon alittle sauce onto plate then remove the tortilla fron gravy and place on plate...add another totilla to gravy. to the tortilla on the plate, add shreaded cheese and a little diced onion, then roll. repeat for all 3 enchis...spoon gravy over all of the with more shreaded cheese and onion and zap in the microwave for about 2 minutes on High...

Serve with Spanish rice and a green salad for a quick and resturaunt quality lunch.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jazz Alive 2009

Its that time of year for the San Antonio Parks and Recreation's Jazz Alive at beautiful Travis Park. Pleanty of Food and good smooth Jazz on-tap.One of the great acts will be Gutars and Saxes...

So If you are in the San Antonio Area The weekend of September 19th, come enjoy some smooth Jazz...Oh, by the way, bring a blanket or lawn chairs and a sweetie to enjoy with. For more information.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chili Peppers...When, Where, and Why to use them

There are hundreds of types of chili peppers, with about ten times as many uses.
For my recipes, I will focus and use about 10 varieties both raw and dried.Let start with the two most common to Tex-Mex cooking, the Jalepeno and Serrano peppers.

Jalepenos and Serranos are the work horses of Texas cooking. Used in more BBQ, Southern Fried and Tex-Mex cooking than any other chilis. We even have the tradition of eating raw serranos with our fried fish and many of the fish shops put raw srranos in the to go bag along with the tarter sauce and lemon wedges. Pickled Jalepenos are served with a big burger and fried chicken orders.

One of the smallest and Hottest chili is the chili Petine. Petines grow on a little bush which can grow to the size of a big Rose bush. Lot of the bushes are found out in the country by them selves. the chiili is eaten by birds. The chili like most chilis start out green and turn red.

The Chipotle Pepper is a smoked-dried Jalepeno. Its sold in a tin with an adobo sauce. (Adobo is a blend of chilis, vinegar, and spices).Whole Chipotles are added to stews.

Chili Pasilla

Chili Ancho

Chili Pasilla and Ancho are dried chillis used for many sauces, marinades, moles.
Traditional Enchilada sauces are made from pasilla nad ancho chilis. The Meat that goes into a pork meat tamale are pasilla and ancho.

Chili de Arbol is used to make a red chilli sauce that is used at table side. Ground coarsely is used as red pepper flake. Blended with vinegar for meat marinades.

So next time your at the market, see how many your market carries. Take a side trip to the dried spices. See if your market has a Latin section. In the up comming recipes, I will give alternatives.

Next blog will be on Spices and veggies we will use.
Until next time

Monday, September 7, 2009

Get rid of Hickups

No I dont need a home remedy, just a break.
Recieved my new camera, charged the battery, installed drives, read the maunal, installed chared batteryand pressed the power button. To make a long story short, I sent my camera back.I could post a recipe without photos, but My food looks good as well.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Cupborads are Bare

I know the cupboards are bare. I'm waiting for my new digital video camera.

Can't wait to post all those tasty photos.

Keep checking back for new stuff.



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well the beans are simmering on the back burner...

Here we come to the official end of summer holiday...Labor Day.
Its been so hot here in South Texas, that I haven't done much BBQ-ing.

With cooler weather and the Cowboy's games about to kick off, I'm chomping at the bit to grill some South Texas fare.

I think Chicken will be on the menu. It's been a while since I had some good BBQ-ed chicken. Polish Kiebassa, some special cut beef ribs, and a new Chocolate desert i've been dreaming up, will also be on the menu.

So come back this weekend and help me enjoy some good ol BBQ, with lots of recipes and photos to boot.